N.F.C Dating - Techno Dating

This is a new product making for ease in forming relationships without being embarrassed by a turn-down.

N.F.C. Dating-Techno Dating is a concept for a smart phone app that helps single people find a suitable date. It is designed to provide single men and women interested in forming a relationship or simply casual dating with a technologically advanced means of finding a date. This would be a smart phone application that would be purchased and downloaded via an internet online store. Once the program has been installed on the phone, it would allow users to input the personal information of their choosing. This could include single status, favorite movies and books, zodiac signs, and any other information necessary. The app would work in tandem with a QR code which would be a wearable medallion shaped like a heart, square, or anything similar. They would be made in styles for men or women.

Those who wear the QR code would offer visual permission for a Techno Dating user to scan their information. This would be done by the phone owner pointing the device at the QR code and scanning it. This would eliminate the embarrassing situation of approaching someone already in a relationship. The use of the application would offer a clear and concise message of a person's availability and interest in meeting others. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the N.E.C. Dating-Techno Dating.

The Patent Pending N.F.C. Dating-Techno Dating was invented by Robert Simmons, Jr., of Tinley Park, IL, who said, "This program would be especially great in crowded nightclubs where it can be almost impossible to successfully identify a potential mate without appearing to come on much to strong. It will be affordable priced and offered to any male or female smart phone user who is interested in forming a new relationship."

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