"2wtc": The Perfect Working Accessory for Pickup Truck Owners

Attention pickup truck owners. Finally, here is the perfect tonneau cover for the pickup bed. The 2WTC is a manually or electrically operated tonneau cover for the bed of a pickup that offers a more versatile design than standard, tri-fold tonneaus that open from the rear. A two-panel tonneau which not only opens from the rear, but also opens vertically from the sides to form heightened side walls in the pickup bed, will serve to accommodate tall, cumbersome loads. Exceptionally durable, the 2WTC would provide all the bed protection of a tri-fold tonneau, while dramatically expanding its function.

The 2WTC is heavier-built than most existing tonneau covers, employing square steel tubing, aluminum, and fiberglass rather than an aluminum frame and vinyl cover. The 2WTC is designed for small, medium, long, and extra-long truck beds, and the 2WTC mounts easily to the truck bed, without tools but through quick-release locking rail clamps. The centered, lengthwise “folding axis” of the 2WTC is fastened together by a long, watertight Velcro® or similar strip serving to hold the panels together (so they may open in standard form as well) and keep water out making it easy to separate the panels when they are to be used as side-elevators. (The sides, for example, can be held together by groove-and-lock channels, easy to engage and disengage.) When the two side panels are separated and stood upright on either side of truck bed, a set of clamps at either end of the bed would presumably hold them securely in place – within the bed but extending a considerable distance above its rails. The 2WTC is operated manually or electrically by remote. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in 2WTC.
The 2WTC is Patent Pending and was invented by Bob Roberts and Susie Newell of Victorville, CA who said, “This unit provides protection from weather, debris and thieves but also enables the user to quickly and easily raise the sides of the truck’s bed to carry larger and taller loads. It serves as a 2-in-1 accessory and is easy to install without tools. It changes momentarily from a full cover to a pair of side bed elevators. It is the ideal accessory for those who rely on their pickup for work, recreation and/or trips to the home improvement stores. It works.”

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