"45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor": Perfect Visual Element Playing Those Collectible 45-RPM Records

Throughout the years music has changed and so has the way it is available. Collectors who keep the old 45-rpm records will benefit from this new device. The 45-RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor is a 45-record adapter – embellished with weighted and shiny chrome ball-bearings and perhaps colored metal balls with LED lights. The 45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor would not only permit 45- rpm records to be played on a turntable, but also help to hold the records in place while offering record-collectors and enthusiasts a unique, eye-catching novelty.

The 45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor is a standard, 1½-inch diameter 45-rpm record adapter, fabricated in molded plastic or in metal permitting a 45-rpm record to be played on a standard turntable or an old-fashioned record player. The innovation embellishes the standard adapter by gluing to its top surface six chrome-steel ball-bearings. The six balls occupy the upper surface of the adapter in a concentric ring around the center hole serving to add weight to the adapter and helping to keep the 45-rpm record firmly in place on the turntable. The balls bring the total depth or thickness of the 45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor to approximately 5/8-inch and serve as a visual embellishment as they spin. The steel balls are faceted and polished to give high reflectance and scatter light like a disco-ball as they spin. The balls can also be formed of translucent, colored plastic and equipped with compact, battery-powered, micro-LEDs offering a distinctive visual element as the 45-rpm record is played. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the 45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor. 
The 45 RPM Toneolascope Starspinner Adaptor is Patent Pending and was invented by Andy Pinedo of Santa Paula, CA who said, “Fashion and style have it when one is utilizing this new product. It is a useful although novel item that adds to the element of visual enjoyment when playing the 45s.  Record-collectors, audiophiles and vinyl aficionados will appreciate the quality of this device because it works.”

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