"A&E Whole Wheat Bun": Savory, Sweet and Healthy All-Natural Bread Product for Sandwiches, Snacks or Meals

​Everyone who has gone to school has been taught about good nutrition. The Internet, television, radio and other means of communication such as social media addresses the need for proper nutrition and eating habit s. The A&E Whole Wheat Bun is a specially formulated recipe for a healthier whole wheat-based bread featuring a host of sweet, savory, all-natural ingredients. The design intent is to provide consumers with a delicious, healthy alternative to standard white bread varieties.

The A&E Whole Wheat Bun provides consumers a sweet and savory new bread alternative that is healthy and delicious. Health wise it is better for the user than the bread/bun products made with white flour that are currently in the marketplace. Selected spices, honey, flax seed meal, fruits and of course, whole wheat flour, are all part of this product.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the A&E Whole Wheat Bun.
The Patent Pending A&E Whole Wheat Bun was invented by Evette Brown of Elmont, NY who said, “The industry trend today is toward healthy all-natural ingredients. Once I became more health conscious I realized that whole wheat would accommodate my eating habits while also being a great way to fill an empty stomach. It is a flavorful alternative to white breads, buns and rolls. It is delicious, nutritional and healthy.”

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Source: Invents Company


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