A GPS-Connected Wearable Health Monitor, The WatchO VERme

For the medical community and for those who want to take care of their loved ones

Many people suffer tragic falls and other debilitating events alone and are left without a way to alert anyone that they're in need of help. In these cases, the person may be left unattended for hours or days, until they are discovered and many times help may arrive too late. The WatchOVERme solves this problem. It is a GPS-connected wearable health monitor in the form of a wristwatch that transmits medical information to a data storage device. It allows loved ones and medical professionals to access a member's current blood pressure, pulse, temperature and location at any time, or in the event of a medical emergency or disappearance.

Worn like any other watch, WatchOVERme is available in a variety of colors, and styles and sized appropriately for adults and children alike. Wearers of the WatchOVERme become members of an online group whose conditions are tracked by hospital or care professionals. If a member should be unable to inform anyone in a time of need, the WatchOVERme automatically alerts the nearest professionals. It features a digital password protected touch screen display showing battery life and bodily information updated every 2 minutes . Monitoring is an automatic, painless process. Should any indicator fall below or rise above a preset limit, the patient's doctor or caregiver is alerted via text message, automated phone call or computer pop-up. The WatchOVERme also features a USB plug-in port so that information may be accessed by connecting to a laptop or tablet computer. In addition, this device features Wi-Fi, is waterproof, and has an electronically controlled locking mechanism to prevent tampering and to maintain privacy. It can be linked to a smart phone for simple monitoring or to a home alarm system for alarm activation and one can also call 911 from the watch itself (great benefits for children). Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the WatchOVERme.

The Patent Pending WatchOVERme was invented by Saker Alatrach of Marlton, NJ who said, “The GPS tracker allows ambulances to automatically see, specifically where a patient is located should a medical alert be generated. The WatchOVER me can be used by children in schools to prevent abductions and to monitor the health of children while on school grounds.”

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