"A. S. S. A. T.": an App for Sponsoring/Signing New Athletes and Talents

Being a scout is not always easy or simple unless using the A.S.S.A.T. —  a software Application for Sponsoring/Signing New Athletes and Talents. The application is designed to help join athletic clubs, coaches, and scouts with aspiring, talented athletes everywhere for a nominal fee. It will feature the athlete's resume, pictures, video, stats, skills, and more. It will provide a technologically advanced means of exposure for the athlete, helping to make their dreams come true, while eliminating the need for clubs to hire costly brokers to discover talent. A.S.S.A.T. is the athlete's asset. The A.S.S.A.T. will be available as a digital download for a small fee, and compatible with all smart phone platforms. Once downloaded, athletes will be able to create their own profile. This profile will be made available for view and access by sporting clubs who utilize this service. Also, the athlete will be able to search for clubs and organizations currently seeking players.

A.S.S.A.T. is designed to be used by athletes seeking opportunities and the clubs that are searching for the next athletic superstar. It will help eliminate the costly middlemen, such as recruitment brokers, by directly linking the two together. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the A.S.S.A.T. App.  
The Patent Pending A.S.S.A.T.  was invented by Assad Rashwan formerly of Long Beach, CA and currently of Saudi Arabia who said, “The A.S.S.A.T. app will offer a unique approach to sports recruitment by   eliminating the need to depend on expensive brokers. This app allows for instant and direct contact between athletes and teams seeking them.”
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