A Soft Foam Pad, The Mounty Pad

A Soft Foam Pad, The Mounty Pad protects from damage that occurs when two objects come in contact with each other.

Has the weight of a couch made an impression in the flooring? Has the chair against the wall scrapped the paint off the wall? When the door is opened, does the doorknob bang against the wall and make a dent? Is there a way to keep this damage from happening? The Mounty Pad, a soft foam pad, has an adhesive backing that can be adhered to a variety of surfaces. It creates a reliable buffer between a door, headboard, dresser or other objects and a wall or similar surface area. It prevents the damage to objects that can occur when the two come into contact with one another. The Mounty Pad also prevents the loud noise from occurring that is usually associated with this kind of contact, such as a doorknob banging on the wall when it is opened. Also, the Mounty Pad can be offered in a variety of colors to compliment different room decors, as well as in neutral hues which seamlessly blend with furnishings. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mounty Pad.

The Patent Pending Mounty Pad was invented by Israel Sanchez of Brooklyn, NY, who said, "The Mounty Pad is a cushiony, soft foam padding that is applied to various areas to give a soft buffer between furnishings and similar objects and wall surfaces. It is made of a pliable, yet resilient memory foam material and is square shaped. The surface is covered in smooth vinyl, lending to the overall structural integrity of the unit. On the underside of the unit is a sticky glue adhesive for use in adhering the Mounty Pad to the designated surface area. This adhesive can be covered in a protective, peel-away paper backing to be removed before using."

The inventor added, "The Mounty Pad should be greatly beneficial to the hotel and motel businesses because using it would let them greatly expand the time between redecorating their rooms, saving them thousands of dollars. If expensive belongings need to be protected, use the Mounty Pad. It will keep them like new."

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