"A Supermarket App": The Super Age of Shopping for Groceries is Here

It is doubtful that any consumer enjoys grocery shopping. But, this arduous duty can become easier when using this new app. The Supermarket App is a software application designed to enable consumers to quickly and easily shop store shelves for groceries and other supplies remotely, placing their order and pre-paying it, and then simply running to the supermarket to pick the order up. Ideal for busy consumers, as well as for the elderly or disabled, this time- and trouble-saving app would offer consumers a fast, labor-free means of shopping for groceries, right on their smartphones or tablets.

This App permits a shopper to shop by brand, price, category and expiration date. For any given category, a full line of that product is displayed on one or more screens, so the shopper simply chooses the desired product and quantity and it is added to the shopper’s cart. After shopping the customer pays with a credit- or debit-card, indicating the desired pickup time. Refrigerated or frozen items are stored and then retrieved when the customer arrives to pick up the purchases. The App shows customers products as though they were looking at the shelves in the store.  Further, this App permits the customer to view lists of ingredients and nutritional information right from the product's label, so that a “gluten-free” or diabetic shopper can easily meet the needs for gluten-free or sugar-free products. Participating supermarkets can also run “app specials” for shoppers using the Supermarket App. The Supermarket App – like a preferred-customer card – could also keep track of a customer's purchases, for which they might accumulate points for future discounts. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Supermarket App. 
The Supermarket App is Patent Pending and was invented by Sonya Atrebi of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Imagine this—never having to stand in long lines at checkout anymore. This product eliminates time lost shopping and waiting for checkout. It works great for the disabled and the elderly but is just as vital for the young mother who must take kids with her when shopping. The Supermarket App saves time and trouble and makes grocery shopping simpler, easier and convenient. It works.”

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