"A Teething Glove & Mitt": Reduces Chewy Times for Baby and Parents When Teeth Are 'Creeping' Through

New babies grow into children who are chomping away as the new teeth are coming into being. This is not a fun time for the youngster or for the parent but it can be made easier with this new product. The Teething Glove & Teething Mitt is a specially designed teether configured in the form of a lightweight and flexible wearable glove or mitt to be worn on the child’s hand or hands. A practical improvement to the design of infant teethers enable infant children to comfortably hold the teether within their mouth unassisted. The design intent is to provide infants with instant relief from the sore, irritated gums caused by emerging teeth.
The Teething Glove & Teething Mitt are available individually or in a set for each hand. The glove is a close-ended unit in a one-size fits all. The glove version features a five-finger design while the mitt version features a thumb section and a single sheathe that accommodates the four remaining digits. Either version of the teether is configured to encompass the child's hand completely and extend slightly beyond the child's fingers. The interior of the Teething Glove & Teething Mitt is primarily a cushiony soft cotton or comparable material that is gentle on the baby's skin. To prevent the glove or mitt from sliding off during wear, a simple, hook and loop fastener is included at the base of each glove for use in adjusting the unit for a comfortable, customized fit. In addition, an entertaining squeaky toy” is incorporated into the wrist portion of the glove or mitt. Most notably, a waterproof material coats the exterior of each. A nontoxic and breathable rubber or comparable synthetic, this washable material features a textured surface to provide soothing relief to aching gums. A series of raised bumps or nodules are peppered strategically about the top and underside of the glove and mitt to provide a gentle surface on which the child can bite down to alleviate teething discomfort. The line includes delicious flavorings based on popular baby foods such as fruits or vegetables. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Teething Glove & Teething Mitt. 

The Teething Glove & Teething Mitt is Patent Pending and was invented by Frank Williams of Jamaica Queens, NY who said, “A parent never forgets the period when a baby is teething, it is good the child cannot remember. This product provides a gentle counter pressure to emerging teeth and offers the youngster a feeling of relief because it enables the child to hold the glove or mitt precisely where the discomfort is felt. It works.”

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