"Abracadabra": Provides Audio for User Without Bothering Others

Abracadabra is a smartphone app which enables users to stream audio input through their phones from TVs in such places as bars and sports-bars, hospitals, restaurants—and at home. It is intended for use with a set of earphones. The Abracadabra App permits consumers to enjoy their preferred entertainment content even in noisy locales.  It also makes it possible for the user to enjoy TV or video while a loved one sleeps beside them undisturbed.

Abracadabra does three things: 1) scans one's surroundings and identifies any Bluetooth-capable television systems, highlighting the closest one; 2) recognizes and, most importantly, be recognized by – the TV selected; and 3) acquires the Bluetooth signal from the TV, and plays it over the phone's speaker, or through earphones or headphones, as the user prefers. The user can hear announcers calling a game when a sports-bar crowd is screaming or be comfortable in bed with a mate sleeping beside you and yet hear the dialogue of a great old movie or watch a loud car chase with explosions and super-heroes sequence at any volume. The Abracadabra App has the audio volume problem in hand at either end. The Abracadabra user simply brings up the app whenever needed, point his or her phone at the nearest TV, select “Acquire” when prompted; and then set the volume on the phone. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Abracadabra. 
The Abracadabra is Patent Pending and was invented by D.J. Murray of Lancaster, CA who said, “Abracadabra allows the user to hear volume wise whatever he or she wants without the sound interfering with others in the room whether it be in a retail location, business, office or at home. It disturbs no one else and that makes it special. It works particularly well the hard of hearing.”

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