"Adjustable Cup Holder":enable Motorists to Easily Adjust the Dimensions of the Holder to Accommodate the Size and Shape of the Beverage Cup

Invents introduces the "Adjustable Cup Holder" which can be adjusted by twisting one way to make it bigger and twisted back for smaller.

​All users of cups and bottles while driving a vehicle have, at one time or another, faced the  problem of size, but that no longer will be important when utilizing the new Adjustable Cup Holder. It is a specially designed cup holder featuring an adjustable support brace incorporated into the design. It is configured expressly to be utilized in conjunction with existing built-in vehicle cup holders. The design intent of any Adjustable Cup Holder is to enable motorists to easily adjust the dimensions of the holder to accommodate the size and shape of the beverage cup, mug or bottle contained within and secure the beverage while preventing it from toppling over during travel.

This holder is unique and sized to fit with existing vehicle cup holders. The unit is designed to expand or contract in accordance with the size of the beverage receptacles stored within.It is made of heavy duty plastic, rubber or comparable materials depending upon the manufacturer. It has a nonskid surface that further secures the cup in place.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Adjustable Cup Holder.
The Patent Pending Adjustable Cup Holder was invented by Nelson Gonzalez of Norwalk, CA who said, “This cup holder has been a long coming and is needed by every single driver or occupant in a vehicle if a beverage is a part of his or her trip. It is affordable, comes in a variety of colors and hues and it works perfectly.”

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