"Agua Cool": Provides Heating and Cooling Energy Efficiency

​The Agua Cool is a specially designed unit that utilizes an exchange system between one water coil placed inside of a freezer and a second coil in the room to be cooled. This product is designed to provide an efficient means of cooling or heating areas with up to a 95% reduction in energy consumption. Unique in design, this technology is intended for multi-unit buildings, allowing over 100 units to be fed by a single Agua Cool unit. Additionally, it can be added to existing A/C units and implemented in walk-in coolers in restaurants and other establishments.

The basic components of the Agua Cool are: circulation pump, circuit board, by-pass valve, blower assembly, and thermostat. Importantly, the installation of the exchange coil would be vital to the overall design of the unit and enables the device to rapidly bring a room temperature from sweltering to under 70 degrees quickly, efficiently and with low energy output. The Agua Cool can be incorporated into the design of P-Tac units, Splits and Package HVAC units, City Multi and central air conditioning units. This energy efficient concept can also be incorporated into the design of walk-in refrigeration and freezer cooler systems and make the Agua Cool ideal for use in restaurants and similar food service establishments. The Agua Cool can also be added to all existing units, saving consumers money without high replacement costs. The Agua Cool eliminates the use of numerous compressors and condensing units, e.g., one building with fifty- one hundred units can be cooled, heated, and refrigerated with a single compressor using the Agua Cool instead of a conventional compressor unit. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Agua Cool.
The Patent Pending Agua Cool was invented by Erwin Sampson and Gustavo Gonzalez of Kearny, NJ who said, “This is an enhanced design with fewer electrical and mechanical parts than a conventional air conditioning unit and makes it easier to maintain, service and install. Just think of the energy savings! A single Agua Cool unit can cover all applications in a restaurant and all heating coil units in a hotel or building. It works.”

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