"All Body Exercise Machine": Improves User's Overall Health, Increasing Stamina, Building Muscles and Reducing Body Fat

​If a total body workout is on your schedule, then you will appreciate the new All Body Exercise Machine.  It is a specially designed exercise machine with which to engage in a total body workout and designed expressly for use in the home or in health and fitness facilities. The design intent is to provide consumers a practical way in which to exercise and tone different parts of the body with just one practical device.

The All Body Exercise Machine has heavy duty stainless steel material and rubber components. The device is comprised of a rectangular vertical framework and on the base is a recessed track and foot rest. For safety, the track features a nonskid rubberized surface that ensures steady and stable footing during use. A horizontal support bar/pull-up bar is mounted to the top of the unit, on either side of which are heavy duty adjustable pulleys with which to complete upper body and arm exercises. The adjustable components of the All Body Exercise Machine feature simple locking mechanisms enabling the user to lock the designated apparatus for a secure and customized workout. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the All Body Exercise Machine.
The Patent Pending All Body Exercise Machine was invented by Lamaze Louis of Brooklyn, NY who said, “I was determined to design a machine for home (or gym) use that allows an individual to work multiple body parts all with one machine instead of having to use three different machines. Three machines in-one saves space where ever it is used and allows one to work key body parts with ease. It provides a total body workout with just one, simple to use apparatus.”

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