"Amber Bracelet": Stay Safe, and Keep Track of Loved Ones

​There is nothing worse than losing track of a child or a loved one. The Amber Bracelet is a wireless electronic alert system designed to protect children, wandering seniors, or disoriented individuals. A radio transmitter bracelet will, at the push of a secret button, send an alarm to a smartphone, and to the 911 and Amber Alert system. The alarm mode which can also be activated by a parent or caretaker's device triggers real time GPS tracking of the bracelet, so an individual can be found immediately.

The Amber Bracelet system will consist of a radio tramitting bracelet, and an App for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The bracelet itself will be made of a flexible plastic such as silicone, and can be worn by a child or an elderly person. It will be waterproof and available in many sizes and colors, with a center emblem that will conceal the button that activates the alert. It will be equipped with a RF transmitter, as well as a GPS tracking chip. A charging unit and cord will be inculded in each package. The Amber Bracelet's alert system could be activated by either the person wearing the bracelet, or with the smartphone app. Whether activated by the person or the app, the alert will initiate real time GPS tracking of the individual, and would notify local police through the 911 system. The GPS can also be used alone without notifying the authorities. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the
The Patent Pending Amber Bracelet was invented by Belinda Tucker-Polk of Lancaster, CA who said, “Time is of the essence when a child has been lost or abducted. The Amber Alert bracelet will go to work in the first moments to bring all available resources available to help find the missing person. It could save many lives.”

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