"Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector": A Universal Line of Protective, Waterproof and Stain-Resistant Coverings

Invents unveils a new line of child safety called the "Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector".

​Beware debris and bugs everywhere, particularly around a baby or toddler!  Success is assured when using the Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector. This is a universal line of protective, waterproof and stain-resistant covering configured expressly to be applied over infant and toddler car seats and stroller seats. These seats will not be messed up or sullied by foods, beverages or body fluids and other matter, thus ensuring a clean and sanitary seat at all times. The benefits of this product are numerous: easy to clean up mess from excessive milk, formula, juice, spit-up or even vomiting. When using this special seat, it takes less time to launder and dry in order to prevent bacteria and mold and these are two key components to keeping a youngster safe and healthy.
The Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector is a product that aids the parent or caregiver with the most practical and necessary of all infant accessories—a car seat and a stroller. Car seats are used for several years and this is also true of a stroller and as such, must be kept clean. This device offers protection during that entire time.  It is made of three materials­—The top is velour, the middle is foam and the bottom is a waterproof material. These materials offer cleanliness and safety for the child and ease of maintenance for the parent.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector.   
The Patent Pending Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector was invented by Rudgie Fadael-Correar of Brooklyn, NY who said, “It is interesting that new parents cannot even take their baby home from the hospital unless they have an approved car seat. Everyone knows the value of the car seat and the impact it has for the early years. The same is true of a stroller.  The Ant & Land Baby Car Seat & Stroller Protector comes in vibrant colors, patterns and designs and is perfect for either a boy or girl.”

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