"Avery's Battery Tester": A New Battery Testing Device

"Avery's Battery Tester": be prepared — recognize the amount of power left in a battery powering an appliance.

It can be vitally important to know just how much “juice” is left in a battery and this job is made easy when using Avery's Battery Tester. It is a battery testing device made of galvanized wire and a bulb that, when connected to a 1½ volt battery, measures the remaining battery life and displays it via the bulb which glows in accordance to the balance of power left. The colored bulb is sufficiently transparent to allow even the faintest glow of light which may be produced by a weaker battery to shine through. Strong batteries will emit a stronger glow.

This battery testing device makes it easier than ever to check remaining battery life particularly when a user is concerned about the long term ability to provide the light needed. Simply by placing the ends of a battery to the wire, the consumer can see an immediate visual projection of the remaining battery life. It is portable and easy to use. It will save time and resources and it is affordable. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Avery's Battery Tester.

The Patent Pending Avery's Battery Tester was invented by Robert Avery of Palos Hills, IL who said, “Never be in the dark when using the Avery's Battery Tester. The Boy Scouts have a motto — “Be Prepared” — and Avery's Battery Tester means one is always prepared whenever and wherever a battery powered light is needed.”

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