"B.C.O.-Black Cane Original": A Walking Stick With an Elegant Appearance and Providing Directional and Safety Vocalizations

Invents Company unveils "B.C.O. - The Black Cane Original" a professional walking stick.

​Consumers using canes or walking sticks will benefit from this new B.C.O.-Black Cane Original. It not only projects an elegant appearance it provides directional and safety vocalizations to the user via sensor activation and an incorporated earpiece. The sensor has the capabilities to detect any potentially hazardous obstacle encountered alone one’s journey. The design intent is to provide blind consumers with a simplified yet safer, means of navigation.
While it is similar to the typical walking stick used by the blind, it has many more welcome and helpful features. A compass on the handle vibrates and directs the user to navigate travel. The bottom leg part has an object sensor which controls the vibration.  It also consists of a Pedestrian Travel Bluetooth Ear Piece and that can be charged on the navigation box’s rechargeable battery pack contained in a plastic case.  The object detector sensor is waterproof, assuring continued working use regardless of the weather. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the B.C.O. - Black Cane Original.
The Patent Pending B.C.O. - Black Cane Original was invented by Brian Smith of Houston, TX  who said, “This works equally well for the elderly, crippled and blind.  The electronic eye provides the warning necessary to avoid stumbling over a sensed subject. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold during use.”

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