"Baby Don't Cry": An Appliance Programmed Specially To Prepare Baby Bottles

"Baby Don't Cry" prepares bottle moments before Baby starts hungry cries for food.

Attention: finally — there is something available to help Mothers and Fathers get that warm bottle to their baby momentarily. Baby Don't Cry is an appliance programmed specially to prepare baby bottles with the intent to allow busy parents a simple and expeditious means of providing the child with a perfectly warmed and nutritious bottle almost in seconds, sparing the parents the time consuming and tedious process of preparing bottles manually.

Baby Don't Cry has a shatterproof plastic or metal casing which houses the electronic components. The entire appliance is small and compact and takes up little room on the counter top. All required components work to aid the user when preparing the reservoir; there also is a baby food heating area and a method to select temperature of the bottle or food to just the correct serving and never exceeds a safe temperature. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Baby Don't Cry.

The Patent Pending Baby Don't Cry was invented by Kay Onna Carr of Sickleville, NJ who said, “This is a practical way to prepare a nutritious warm baby bottle in ten seconds or less. It measures, warms and blends the bottle on demand and spares the parent the hassle of preparing a bottle in the middle of the night or during a busy day. It enables a busy parent or caregiver to quickly satiate the child's hunger and prevents angry tantrums which often occur when a baby has to wait. The automatic measuring and mixing at the touch of a button answers the prayer of many parents too.”

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