"Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump": Protects Small Children From the Potential Hazards Associated With a Bumps or Falls

Invents unveils "Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump" which protects newly walking toddlers maneuvering around furniture in the house.

​Parents of every toddler no doubt has—at one time or another—been waiting in an Emergency Room of a local hospital because of an injury caused by a fall against a table by their child.  The Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump is a soft padded covering to be secured over the perimeter edges of tables and similar hard surfaces to prevent such an occurrence. The design intent of the Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump is to protect small children from the potential hazards associated with a bump or fall against on these hard and sometimes sharp objects.
The Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump has a word in its title that describes the use of the device.  It provides the “bumper” needed to protect a little child learning to walk while maneuvering his or her way about the house.  It has been configured to be secured about a variety of hard surfaces such as coffee tables, end tables, and the like, in order to protect the child should they lose their balance and fall against the edge of one of these items. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in. the Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump
The Patent Pending Baby Proofing Easy Bump or EZ Bump was invented by Venessa Gordon of Springfield Gardens, NY who said, “The way this is made it not only protect the toddler but it protects the household furnishings from scratches and mars too and it cannot be removed by even the most inquisitive youngster. Whether applied to glass, metal or wood, it works perfectly and it works to protect the beloved child too.”

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