"Back Me Up": Places Medicated Pads Exactly Where Needed on User's Back

​Everybody might need this! The ability of an individual to properly place a medicated pad on a certain area of the back is bit like a blind person playing a game of horseshoes. Without aid from a spouse or mate placing it in the right place can be virtually impossible.  However, when using Back Me Up it can be managed with ease and comfort. Back Me Up is a manually operated, small device which enables an individual to easily apply an adhesive-backed, medicated patch to any area of his or her back. It is ideal for consumers suffering back pain and living alone. Back Me Up permits users to gain relief from pain, and do so without any assistance to apply the medicated patch.

The product is fabricated in injection-molded thermoplastic and consists of an adjustable angled handle and an extended frame at the distal end with a rubber roller. The base of the handle features a locking, pivoting joint, permitting the handle to meet the top of the frame at an angle of between 120 and 135 degrees and this angle allows the frame-and-roller section of the Back Me Up to extend well down and across the user's body, while the handle with an ergonomic, contoured rubber grip puts no strain on the user's arm or shoulder joint. From the articulating joint at which the handle meets the frame, the Back Me Up extends down and out, yoke-like, in the manner of an elongated, inverted ‘Y’ that has an extended straight stiff plate to hold the medicated patch. This patch has a side way locking door with a slit at the end to let the patch go through to the rubber roll. Back Me Up also features a spring-clip to which the medicated patch's liner or backing will be clipped. As the Back Me Up roller is rolled down or across the user's back, this clip peels away the backing from underneath the patch as the rubber roller applies the patch smoothly and evenly. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Back Me Up.
The Patent Pending Back Me Up was invented by Nida Shemmeri, a physician and inventor living in Horseheads, NY who said, “Everyone can use a helping hand that can reach to a painful part of the body without increasing strain. The Back Me Up is an available tool that is effective in applying medicated patches to any painful area. It works perfectly.”

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