"Bathroom Feet Towel": A Line of Soft and Absorbent Towels Specifically Intended for Drying One's Feet

The ability to distinguish between towels that all look alike is made simple when these new towels are in the linen closet or laundry basket. The Bathroom Feet Towel is a line of soft and absorbent towels specifically intended for drying one's feet. They are produced in a wide variety of     colors and sizes, and bearing a distinctive set of footprint graphics to clearly indicate its purpose and distinguish it from other towels in the bathroom or laundry, the Bathroom Feet Towel will be equally  useful and desired in homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, gyms and similar sports facilities.

This is a premium-quality, 100% percent terrycloth towel specifically for drying the feet. To differentiate the Bathroom Feet Towel from other towels it is designed with a graphic pattern that separates it from regular bath towels with unmistakable terms of intended function. A pattern of footprints march across    the towel's background field. These “tracks” or “footprints” make this towel easily distinguishable when sorting dried laundry and thus easy to place in a separate area. The footprints  come in  colors such as black, purple, or any color that stands out on the variously colored Bathroom Feet Towels. Televised       test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bathroom Feet Towel.

The Patent Pending Bathroom Feet Towel was invented by Paul Ngessah of Newark, NJ who said, “We went to a distant family event and stayed in a hotel. The service was poor and the maid put all the dingy towels in the same wash basket so we couldn’t tell them apart. That prompted the creation of the Bathroom Feet Towel and it will work well at home and other places too. It works.”

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