"Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy": A Product Line of Bedside Storage Organizers

Invents unveils "Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy" which keeps nocturnal necessities close at hand and securely stored.

​Resting and sleeping comfortably is a status everyone wants to obtain. The Bed Buddy, Jr., Bed Buddy is a product line of bedside storage organizers designed to hang flush against the side of a bed and provide storage for items such as remote controls, cellphones, eyeglasses, medications, books, toys and more. Having easy access to those items allows the user to stay relaxed. The device is attractive and styled in a variety of fabrics and configurations from synthetics to suede and will appeal to all ages; the immediate accessibility of items needed while the user is in bed provides relaxing convenience and restful comfort. Both the Jr. Bed Buddy and the Bed Buddy are ideal where space is limited and bedside tables are not practical or an option.

The Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy is totally versatile and is available in varied sizes, patterns and materials depending upon the likes of the consumer. The Bed Buddy Jr. is perfect for boys and girls with patterns designed with youngsters in mind and the regular sized Bed Buddy will serve to handle an adult's bedside needs. The strap, fabricated of a non-slip material fits between the mattress and box spring and holds the Bed Buddy and Jr. Bed Buddy in place and it is adjustable in order to fit various sized beds. It also has an elasticized mesh pocket that serves as a bottle holder. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy.

The Patent Pending Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy was invented by Kelvin Pope, Sr. of Chicago, IL who said, “This device will prevent a user from accidentally swiping a glass of water and/or other items off the bedside table, requiring immediate cleanup, even during the middle of the night. No need to keep items in the bed, under a pillow or on the bedside table when the Bed Buddy, Jr. Bed Buddy is in use. Important personal articles can be stored and organized in a secure area. Everyone can use a Bed Buddy!”

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