"Big Mike's Steak & Hamburger Marinade": Offers New and Tasty Alternative to Traditional Marinade

​Big Mike's Steak & Hamburger Marinade is a delicious new marinade creation for steaks, burgers, and other meats. Perfect for the grill, and working equally well when baking or pan frying. The design intent is to provide consumers with an enhanced, new, flavorful alternative to standard marinades. The secret to developing Big Mike's Steak & Hamburger Marinade is from the son of a butcher who knew how to enhance the flavor of meat with ingredients from around the world.

This is a liquid product packaged in 10-ounce bottles for retail sale. Each bottle has a decorative label adorned with the tagline – “From the son of a butcher who knew how to enhance the favor of meats with ingredients from around the world.” During or after meal preparation users can accent their food with this condiment. Whether one has a porterhouse steak or a hamburger, the marinade can be poured onto one side of the meat with the back of a spoon. The process is repeated for the other side and after allowing the food to marinate for about ½ hour the user is ready to cook the meat. Grilling offers the optimal cooking results but the meat can also be fried, baked or seared.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Big Mike’s Steak & Hamburger Marinade.
The Patent Pending Big Mike’s Steak & Hamburger Marinade was invented by Anthony Luciano of Houston, TX who said, “Big Mike’s is a delightful blend of all-natural food products creating a tasty original condiment for any meat item offering a spirited kick to entrees. Every home chef as well as those in upscale restaurants will benefit from using Big Mike’s Steak & Hamburger Marinade. I have a prototype and it works perfectly. It also works with other meats as well.”

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