"Black Light Poker Room": An Exciting New Way to Enjoy the Game of Poker

The "Black Light Poker Room" is a novel and exciting way for patrons of casinos and bars to play poker.

​If casino and bar owners want to increase patronage and receive higher revenues, the Black Light Poker Room is the answer. The Black Light Poker Room is a business model that envisions a poker playing area, including both atmospheric aspects and playing accessories, that completely fluoresces under black light. It offers casinos, bars, and similar establishments an exciting new way for their patrons to enjoy the game of poker.  Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Black Light Poker Room.
The Patent Pending Black Light Poker Room was invented by Ian Kurzer  of Livingston, NJ who said, “The model essentially encompasses a designated room, which is outfitted with a number of fluorescent black light fixtures. These lights work in tandem with everything else in the Black Light Poker Room, including playing tables, cards, chips, and decorative black light posters, all infused with phosphors that allow them to luminescence under the fluorescent lighting. As such, players are able to see glowing hands of Texas Hold 'Em, Seven Card Stud, and Five Card Draw dealt to them on luminescent surfaces. When receiving a flop, turn, and river, players enjoy an entirely new dimension in their favorite pastime. Importantly, the black light posters that adorn the walls of this room are essential to creating a unique atmosphere, and can reflect designs germane to the venue in which the Black Light Poker Room is set up.”
The inventor added, “With tables, cards, chips, and decorative black light posters surrounding players as they engage in competitive wagering, the Black Light Poker Room lends a new sense of adventure to any poker variation. As a result of installing such a room, businesses can enjoy increased patronage and higher revenues, since many players, whether experienced or novice, would delight in experiencing such surroundings.”

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