"Bra Jeenie/The Rack": A Better Design for Bras

​There is nothing worse for a female than having to clasp those little hooks on a bra to close the strap. The Bra Jeenie/The Rack is a modification to bra designs that replaces the metal hook with an easier plastic snap configuration. It can be featured on a new line of bras, or added to an older bra where the metal hooks have been broken or bent. It is designed to be a far easier method of securing a bra, and extending the life of a favorite bra. It will also prevent damage to your fingernails, and be easier to use by anyone, especially those with arthritis. The Bra Jeenie/The Rack will be a simple plastic extension on one side with raised areas, and a series of holes on the other. One would just fit inside the other with no struggling. As stated, this could be used with new bras, or as a separate item to replace the straps on your existing bra. There will also be an optional bra drying rack that can either be included with purchase or sold separately. The rack will enable the user to wash their bra and hang it to dry, protecting the bra.

The Bra Jeenie/The Rack will eliminate the very aggravating hook and clasp system on current bras, and replace it with a more practical and easy way to hook your bras. The system will be a perfect accessory for those suffering from hand ailments such as arthritis. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bra Jeenie/The Rack.
The Patent Pending Bra Jeenie/The Rack was invented by Shaheed Shields of Bronx, NY  who said, “I have watched my wife struggle with her bra strap, and have trouble getting in hooked, and thought of this much better way to hook them. This can be applied in a matter of seconds, and with no struggling.”

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