"Brainy Ben & Becka": Teaching and Learning Go Hand in Hand With These Special Helpers

The online Webster-Merriam dictionary describes teaching as: of, relating to, used for, or engaged in teaching, a teaching aid and the teaching profession or teaching assistant — this new line of educational dolls fulfill each of those descriptions.  Brainy Ben & Becka is a line of educational dolls and backpacks with each featuring organizational pockets for various learning and playing implements. The design intent is to provide young children with a new pocketed toy or backpack that holds a variety of toys, learning activities and utensils. It keeps these items organized and easy-to-carry. Brainy Ben & Becka enhances playtime and helps children to develop social, playtime, organizational, and educational skills.

Each of the dolls are filled with 100% cotton rendering them soft and squeezable. Brainy Ben is a male doll while his companion, Becka is female. Brainy Ben and Becka sport glasses and even sprightly spiked hair. Their uniquely realistic body shapes are outfitted in garments containing a copious number of pockets, all of which are perfectly designed for securely housing a wide variety of educational and play implements. Flashcards featuring numbers, letters, shapes, and other educational concepts are stored and accessed via the Brainy dolls' pockets. Other items kept intact by Brainy Ben & Becka include crayons, game pieces, books, and other toys.  Each doll has a handy backpack featuring various inner compartments for even more storage space for organizing and holding more toys and items, such as dolls, books, magic markers, and more. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Brainy Ben & Becka. 
Brainy Ben & Becka is Patent Pending and was invented by Teresa Green of Cherry Hill, NJ who said, “This is a great new toy that will inspire hours of play by a child. It encourages organizational and motor skills while also providing fun. It makes it so much easier for a parent to engage their child in a fun-filled playtime while at the same time offering interesting concepts to the youngster. It works.”

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