"C Lace": Keeps Shoelaces Centered So They Won't Be Uneven

​Anyone who wears lace up shoes or boots will appreciate the C Lace. It is a simple snap on device that will keep your shoelaces centered between the bottom eyelets, this way you can always be sure your laces are even when tying your shoes. The C Lace will be made in two different versions, one that will come with your new sneakers, or boots, and the second will be an aftermarket product that can be clipped or snapped onto the shoelaces of any shoe already owned. These can be sold in shoe stores, drug stores, etc. The C Lace will be a spring loaded, clip latch design for the aftermarket design, and a molded, permanent fixture mounted onto the tongue of the shoe for new shoes.

The C Lace is a very simple and useful product that addresses a problem we all have experienced, the uneven shoelace. It can also be used for decoration purposes and snapped all over the laces for added pizazz. It will be a fashion statement for kids and teens. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the C Lace.

The Patent Pending C Lace was invented by David Lee of Western Springs, IL who said, “I thought of this idea while putting on my work boots, and having to center the laces to keep them even. The C Lace works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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