"Camouflage Truck Cover W/2 Zipper Access": a Full-Length, Camouflage Cover for Pickups

Invents unveils "Camouflage Truck Cover w/2 Zipper Access" which is a hunter's dream come true when heading to the hunting grounds.

​Want to conceal your ride from the animals you are hunting and still be able to park close to the hunting grounds? Want to protect your truck from rain, sleet, and snow? Want to keep your truck clean and not damaged by UV rays and mildew when parked outside?  The Camouflage Truck Cover w/2 Zipper Access is the perfect answer to all those questions. It is a full-length, camouflage cover for pickups and is equipped with zippered access-panels for the doors and the tailgate. It offers concealment from the quarry and the hunter need not walk for miles and miles before reaching his/her hunting blind or tree stand.
 Basically this is a unique product providing protection for a pickup that is not garaged as well as it is when used by hunters.  It is form fitting and covers the pickup while still allowing easy access. It comes in various sizes to correspond to the many style pick-up trucks. It is non-scratching on the interior facing the paint and is waterproof too. The camouflage patterns (Mossy Oak and Real Tree and universal camo patterns) are useful to tree-stand hunters, brush-country hunters, bottom-land hunters, and waterfowl hunters. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Camouflage Truck Cover w/2 Zipper Access.
The Patent Pending Camouflage Truck Cover w/2 Zipper Access was invented by Pedro Ayala-Rosado of San Antonio, TX who said, “The nylon zippers work perfectly and allows easy access to both the interior and truck bed without having to remove the camo cover. But the truck will fold and roll up when in use and has its own drawstring bag that contains the covering. It works great and it looks great too.”

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