"Candy's Dynamite Dip": Tasteful Fusion Provides Delicious Blend in Several Types of Food

Individual taste buds are challenged with this unusual new dip. Candy's Dynamite Dip is a unique and a delicious recipe or prepared dish for a mild or spicy dip, entree, or appetizer, made with fresh colorful vegetables in a choice of chicken, turkey, or vegetarian style. The design intent is to provide a healthier and zestier alternative to standard salsas, dips, and appetizers and one that offers a delectable fusion of tastes and is also a clever and tasty way to get kids to eat and enjoy their veggies!

Candy's Dynamite Dip is a presented in the form of a recipe featuring a variety of all natural ingredients but can also be sold as a fresh or frozen prepared dish. Candy's Dynamite Dip is specially concocted in three styles; Chicken, Mild or Spicy; Turkey, Mild or Spicy; and Vegetarian, Mild or Spicy. Candy's Dynamite Dip contains all natural ingredients including a choice of diced egg whites, diced lean white meat turkey, diced lean white meat chicken and all offer a flavorful combination of various shredded, diced and sliced organic vegetables. It is packaged in pint-sized containers or sold in frozen packages. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Candy’s Dynamite Dip. 
Candy’s Dynamite Dip is Patent Pending and was invented by Darlene Williams of Chicago, IL who said, “What makes this recipe even better is that it can be served as an entrée or an appetizer and it includes colorful ingredients such as corn, black beans, peas, carrots, red onions, bell peppers and more. It not only looks delicious, it is delicious.  It is low-fat and full of healthy vitamins and minerals. It works perfectly.”

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