"Cara's Can Opener": Does the Work With Just a Simple Push of a Button

All one needs to open a can is the finger to select the size of the can. This is much simpler and easier than the standard electrical can openers in today’s marketplace. Cara's Can Opener is a unique, full-service electric can opener designed to easily manage a variety of can sizes, lifting the can into position, opening it, and retaining the lid for easy disposal: all at the push of a button. Featuring “can size” selection buttons in Small, Medium, and Large, and magnetically holding the can in place while it is opened, the universal and convenient Cara's Can Opener requires nothing more of the user than to insert a can into the device, select the appropriate can size button and, a moment later (or when ready), remove the opened can.

Cara's Can Opener is a full-service can opener. Users do not need to painstakingly position the can in place or lower the cutting blade precisely within the rim; and no need to stand by, with one hand supporting the can as it revolves. One simply inserts the can into the receiving bay of the Opener and indicates the size – Small, Medium, or Large – with a size-selector switch. Then, at the press of a button, it lifts the can into position, lowers the blade to the lid, rotates the can to open and then lowers the can for easy removal with the lib retained by a magnet at the top of the device. Cara's Can Opener is 10”H x 8”W x 8”D and has a powerful electric motor. It has a molded plastic casing that comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The base of the Opener's receiving bay features a lifting arm with a magnet designed to secure the can as it is lifted into position. The top of the bay features a swing-down cutting arm with a stay-sharp piercing and cutting blade, a set of geared, paired rotator cogs, and the lid-retaining magnet. Sensor-switches within the unit respond to the can's position to raise the can, activate the cutting arm and rotational gears and lower the can when the lid has been cut.

The Patent Pending Cara’s Can Opener was invented by Toccara Bond of Edgewood, MD who said, “I call this a set it and forget it, full service electric can-opener. It truly is a smart can opener and works perfectly for young or elderly users and all those ages in between. It works.”

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