"CDL Safety Device": Prevent Accidents and Possibly Save Lives

​The CDL Safety Device is a specially designed, lockable valve attachment for use with air brakes on large trucks. It is designed to provide a practical enhancement to air brake systems that would effectively close and lock the brake valve, preventing the valves from opening and the vehicle from moving when the truck is parked and being loaded or unloaded. It will be installed directly to the truck brake line and manually operated.

The CDL Safety Device will contain the actual valve mechanism. This valve will be connected from the truck trailer's air supply line. During normal operation the valve would be set to the open position, but when the vehicle is parked and the CDL Safety Device is initiated, the valve will be set to the closed position. This will ensure that the air pressure is stopped and air is released from the brake chamber.  This will lock them in place and prevent the trailer from shifting or moving as the cargo area is loaded or unloaded. 

The CDL Safety Device will also ensure that operators or persons walking on or near the cargo area will be safe from accidents. As such, life alternating injuries and even fatalities will be avoided, ensuring a safe and reliable work place. The CDL Safety Device can be used with any vehicle that uses an air brake system, including standard box trucks. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the CDL Safety Device.

The Patent Pending CDL Safety Device was invented by Peter Posta of Old Bridge, NJ who said, “As an experienced CDL driver, the CDL Safety Tool would prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. It will also protect transported goods from falling off the dock and onto the ground below. Padlock protection will prevent tampering with the device, and theft will be prevented.”
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