"Clarke's Super Jamb Protector": Enhances and Protects the Security of Any Exterior Door

Invents introduces "Clarke's Super Jamb Protector" which will save on heating and cooling costs and secure and protect against break-ins.

​Opening doors can always create a surprise to the incoming or outgoing individual but when using Clarke's Super Jamb Protector the surprise is minor. This product is a system of interlocking sheet-metal flanges complete with weather stripping, a super jamb protector, a door jamb catch, and a jamb block that is installed on exterior doors and their door-jambs. It allows for easy opening without a push and keeps the interior cool or warm depending upon the season as well as secures the door from potential thieves.

Clarke's Super Jamb Protector enhances and protects the security of any exterior door by forming a secure interlocking seal against the incursion of weather and preventing would-be intruders from accessing and “springing” the door's latch-bolt. It is easy to install and fits a wife variety of doors. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Clarke's Super Jam Protector.

The Patent Pending Clarke's Super Jamb Protector was invented by Reginald Clarke, a sheet metalist, of Chicago, IL who said, “The door to any dwelling, home, business office or elsewhere, is the single way to obtain entrance to the interior. Keeping cold or hot air outside is vitally important and so is the ability to keep intruders and would-be thieves from the premises. The Clarke's Super Jamb Protector is the perfect answer for every entrance door."

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