"Clever Clover & Sit 'N' Sunflower Kneeling Pad": Gardener's Kneeling Pads Specially Designed to Resemble a Sunflower and a Clover

The "Clever Clover & Sit 'N' Sunflower Kneeling Pad" is a comfortable pad when gardening that blends with the beauty of nature.

​The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences states that gardening has been the number one hobby of Americans for several years; this includes both vegetable gardening and flora and fauna. But, kneeling on the ground can be hard on the knees of every gardener. The Clever Clover & Sit ‘N’ Sunflower Kneeling Pad are gardener’s kneeling pads specially designed to resemble a sunflower and a clover.  The pad features a wipe-to-clean weather resistant vinyl cover able to withstand, dirt, heat and moisture and contains a soft, thick, ample memory foam. The design intent is to provide consumers with an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, clean and effective pad that keeps one’s knees protected and at the same time blends well with nature and is easily stored.

The Clever Clover & Sit ‘N’ Sunflower Kneeling Pad is fabricated of a weather resistant vinyl housing memory foam and configured in the shape of a sunflower or a clover leaf although various other plants and flower shapes will also be available. The high-quality memory foam is capable of withstanding any amount of weight and provides ample cushioning to all users, whether kneeling or sitting. The end of the stem on each version features a lanyard cord with decal which allows it to be suspended by a hook for simple storage. The product comes as a gardening kit and it includes a gardening fork, trowel and gardening gloves.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Clever Clover & Sit ‘N’ Sunflower Kneeling Pad.
The Patent Pending Clever Clover & Sit ‘N’ Sunflower Kneeling Pad was invented by Gloria Hurst of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Gardening is important to individuals and quite often more than just a hobby. However, at the same time extended, pain-free periods of weeding and planting can be a physical problem and if the knees, feet and legs are okay it is even easier to rise when finished. Gardening enthusiasts everywhere will benefit from these unique pads that blend with the beauty of nature and they work perfectly.”

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