"Coil a Cord": Saves Charging Cords From Damage

​The Coil a Cord is a short, flexible coil of heat resistant molded wire or plastic, designed to cover a phone, iPad or any electronic device charging cord at and below the point where the cord plugs into the device. This will protect the charging cord from wear and tear damage. It can be used on virtually any cellphone, smartphone, or electronic device, extending the life of the cords, and saving consumers the expense and trouble of continually replacing the cords.

The Coil a Cord will be a flexible, yet rigid, cylindrical coiled spring like device, made from a molded thermoplastic, rubber or wire, and designed to cover and protect a charging wire. It will be 1 inch long, and composed of helical coils separated by a small space from one another. The Coil a Cord will be a simple, affordable means of protecting their phone charger wires from breaking, stripping or shredding. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Coil a Cord.
The Patent Pending Coil a Cord was invented by Wendy Crasto and Holly Marsillo of Staten Island, NY who said, “The Coil a Cord will simply wrap around the end of a phone charging wire to prevent wire breakage and shredding.”

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