"Comfort Nights": A New Product That Will Benefit Female Users Of All Ages

"Comfort Nights" conforms to female curves for safety and protection during hours of slumber plus 24/7 if so desired.

This new product will benefit all female users of all ages including teenage consumers. Comfort Nights is a sanitary napkin with raised channels and is form fitting to the groin and buttock areas which provides maximum protection, including heavy flow. It is a specially designed contoured and elongated sanitary napkin that conforms the natural curves of the female body and is configured expressly for nighttime use. The upper section of the pad is a highly absorbent cotton while the bottom is backed in flexible leak-proof plastic. Comfort Nights adheres to the users undies/panties securely.

Comfort Nights is generally hourglass in shape and is comfortable enough to be worn 24/7 if the user prefers. It is manufactured in two styles – with or without wings. The standard measurement is 12 inches long and five inches in width at its widest point and at either end of the pad, with the center section measuring 3 inches in width. Both larger and smaller sizes will be available. Each pad comes individually packaged. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Comfort Nights.

ThePatent Pending Comfort Nights was invented by Coreena Orechva of Revere, MA who said, “I designed Comfort Nights in order to provide females with reliable sanitary protection during their monthly period, precisely during the hours spent sleeping. The pad gently cups the crotch and hugs the body securely. One need never dread leakage while sleeping when using Comfort Nights. I have a prototype available and it works perfectly.”

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