"Comparable Plus" A User-Friendly Alternative To Current Technology

Finally, with "Comparable Plus" there is no need for bulky laptops needed to play DVD/CD content!

Imagine the freedom of being able to use a playback device that is lightweight and portable. The Comparable Plus is just that that and is offered as a tablet, notebook, iPod®, or similar device that is able to accommodate a DVD or CD in order to play its content. The design intent of Comparable Plus is to provide a more user-friendly alternative to bulky laptop computers when wishing to view DVDs away from home.

Comparable Plus functions as an external playback device and has a rechargeable battery source, a USB port, a headphone jack and an internal fan to prevent overheating. The most important facet of the device is the disk playing capability similar to the drives found on laptops. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Comparable Plus.

The Patent Pending Comparable Plus was invented by Soretta Patton, a forensic scientist and inventor, of Richton Park, IL who said, “This is absolutely ideal for consumers in all walks of life, whether a leisure traveler stuck on a transatlantic flight or the professional on his/her way to a foreign country hopping to brush up on language skills via a CD or for the teenager on the crosstown bus who wants to play a video game in disk format. It can be offered an as independent unit or integrated into existing portable equipment. It works.”

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