"Connect a Plate": A Specially Designed Line of Plates and Bowls

Invents unveils "Connect A Plate" which allows user to precisely heat the portion of food desired to be hot.

Unfortunately many consumers find their job duties or lifestyle mean they have to eat on the run. Cold sandwiches work for a short period of time but hot food makes for a more balanced diet. The Connect A Plate is a specially designed line of plates and bowls configured to easily pull apart and snap back together in various patterns. The key reason for this unusual design is to offers consumers a versatile plate on which both cold and hot foods can be plated, then separated, should the hot food need to be re-heated, apart from the cold food. Connect A Plate enables the user to obtain microwaved heated food.

Connect A Plate may sound confusing but when viewing the convenience and ability of this product all consumers will want one or several in their own household. Connect A Plate comes in a set and each plate or bowl is divided into two or three pieces. Specially designed snap fittings are used to allow the user to easily detach the pieces of the plate/bowl and back together when heated, leaving the food ready to eat. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Connect A Plate

The Patent Pending Connect A Plate was invented by Patricia Miller of Houston, TX who said, “This product allows consumers to plate their foods, hot and cold, onto one convenient plate, yet allows the user to detach the portions one wishes to heat up without having to spoon onto another dish. It is a no mess way to enjoy both hot and cold foods and is great for those taking lunch to work.

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