"Crack Buster": A Specialized Cleaning Wand Designed to Get Into Hard-to-Reach Areas

Invents introduces "Crack Buster" a tool for specialized cleaning in hard-to-reach cracks, corners and crevices.

​Cleaning any time of the year is a job that few enjoy. Getting places that are hard to reach make for cleaning duties that can be frustrating and fruitless.  However, the Crack Buster may be the solution to your cleaning woes.  The Crack Buster is a specialized cleaning wand designed to get into hard-to-reach areas and remove dust, dirt, pet dander and other materials that accumulate in the cracks and corners of floors, dresser drawers, trim moldings, windows and similar locations.  It is easy-to-use and effective. It is the perfect useful tool for households as well as for cleaning services and a wide variety of commercial and institutional facilities including the hotel industry.
The Crack Buster combines a specially shaped two-ended wand with a microfiber cleaning cloth, thus presenting users with a tool that will get into cracks, corners and crevices for quick, thorough and effective cleansing.Each package consists of one wand and five microfiber cloths in assorted colors of green, yellow, red, blue and pink. Both the tip and the tapered end are rubber coated; the end of the wand is designed to fit perfectly into 90º corners.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Crack Buster.
The Patent Pending Crack Buster was invented by Kimble Deener and Brook Still of Los Angeles, CA who said, “The microfiber cloth wraps around the wand and fully covers the triangular end allowing the tool to reach into tight spaces. The lint-free microfiber cloth on the tapered end will not mar surfaces and the other end can be used with or without the cloth and probes into places you cannot reach just with a cloth or rag. Your sliding glass door guides will never be so clean as when using the Crack Buster.  It works perfectly.”

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