"Crib Ease": A Waterproof Crib-Mattress Pad Featuring an Attachable Waterproof Pillow Case

Invents unveils "Crib Ease" which provides safety, comfort and convenience for baby, parents and caregivers.

​Almost everyone recognizes the fact that babies are the most precious commodity in the world; babies are the future and the world goes forward because of youth. Parents and caregivers are constantly alert to the medical and physical needs of their child. The Crib Ease is a waterproof crib-mattress pad featuring an attachable waterproof pillow case with the unit to be applied atop a crib mattress and held together as a complete product with a fitted sheet. The use of the pillow is a method of elevation without the possible safety hazards.

Crib Ease is perfect for children but the waterproof set also is available in a home adult version (twin, full, double, queen, king and California King) sized appropriately for use on these mattresses. The pillowcase, in this version, would be removable but stitched to the mattress pad and it has a zipper closure on both ends of the pillow case for easy access and removal when necessary. A fitted sheet serves to keep the system intact.The product can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and in home health care situations. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Crib Ease.

The Patented Crib Ease was invented by Chandra Kennedy, a long time Nanny, of Queens, NY who said, “Crib Ease provides infant children and elderly adults with a waterproof mattress pad/pillow set which offers comfort and elevation along with protection for one's mattress from bodily fluids without the risk of possible suffocation. Both versions of the Crib Ease allows the child or senior to sleep comfortably and safely. It works equally well for the rest and peace of mind of others in the household..”

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