"DD of Destiny": Distinctive Logo Displays Dynamic Power of Stylish Women

Attention females—looking for change? If your answer is yes and you feel in a rut, then here is the perfect way of adding beauty and bling to each day. The DD of Destiny is a line of clothing for female consumers including shirts, jeans, hats, purses, sandals, robes and a wide variety of other clothing and accessory items, all adorned with a stylish and unique logo bearing “DD” or DD of Destiny. The line is adorned with rhinestones, gemstones, bead-work and other striking “bling” embellishments. The design intent is to provide a striking line of clothing and accessories with which to encourage, liberate, and empower women everywhere.

The DD of Destiny line celebrates the quintessential dynamic power of women. The stylistically rendered logo is elegant in a cursive font and embroidered, sewn, printed or directly appliqued onto merchandise. It can be read horizontally, vertically or diagonally and offered in a variety of sizes to best compliment different garments and accessory items. It is embellished with fancy faux gemstones, sequins or other “bling” and lends a sophisticated touch. Items in the line include everything from accessories such as purses, sandals, hats, belt buckles and sunglasses to clothing items including denim jeans, tank tops, short and long sleeve shirts, pajamas, nightgowns and jackets, and more. Items from the line are constructed of quality fabric materials ranging from cotton, silk, satin, nylon and spandex, to leather, suede to name a few. Garments and accessories in the line are offered in a wide array of vibrant colors, printed designs and neutral hues and are available in a range of patterns to accentuate various body types, with sizes available for everyone from women and teens, to young children and infants. The design possibilities are virtually limitless. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the DD of Destiny.
The Patent Pending DD of Destiny was invented by Jennifer Thomas of Los Angeles, CA who said, “I consider myself a daughter of destiny and fashion is my passion. The DD of Destiny line is a feminine way to rejuvenate one’s daily life with fashionable and fun trends celebrating one’s personal essence.”

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