"Dishwasher / Garbage Disposal Clogged Drain Cleaner & Odor Prevention Kit": Clean Out the Clogged Build-Up in the Drain Line

The Dishwasher / Garbage Disposal Clogged Drain Cleaner & Odor Prevention Kit contains a brush, liquid repelling mesh glove, and lemon scented disinfectant spray, uniquely designed to maintain an unclogged drain line and odor free garbage disposal. This invention helps to eliminate costly plumber repairs and provides significant savings from the purchase of products that temporarily remove odors.

The Dishwasher/ Garbage Disposal Clogged Drain Cleaner and Odor Prevention Kit provides consumers an easily flexible brush designed for cleaning out the clogged build-up in the drain line from the dishwasher to the garbage disposal, also a universal, liquid repelling mesh glove that covers only four fingers allowing for easy removal of the messy build-up under the rubber splash guard of the garage disposal, and a lemon accented disinfectant spray. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Dishwasher / Garbage Disposal Clogged Drain Cleaner, and Odor Prevention Kit.

The Patent Pending Dishwasher /  Garbage  Disposal  Clogged  Drain  Cleaner  &  Odor  Prevention Kit was invented by Dorothy Lowery of San Pedro, CA who said, "It is very costly to have a plumber come and replace the hose due to a clog. Household consumers would be able to do the job quickly themselves and prevent future clogs and odors with the kit.”
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