"Disinfecting Foggers": A Disinfectant Time Release Bomb That Leaves a Pleasant Fresh Fragrance

​The ability to disinfect an area without wearing the proper protection can be a problem. When using the new Disinfecting Foggers one need not stay in the area when the disinfectant is released.  The Disinfecting Foggers is an antibacterial disinfectant solution package and dispensed via a total release fogger spray. The design intent is to provide consumers with a simple means of eradicating germs and bacteria throughout the entire home. This product is ideal for use in public facilities and business establishments. 

The Disinfecting Foggers are packaged and distributed via a total release spray, commonly referred to as a “fogger”. The formula is a potent antibacterial and disinfecting solution designed to kill germs and bacteria on contact. It is nontoxic and safe for use in households with children or pets. As with the traditional foggers, one ounce of product treats about 1,000 cubic feet of space. This product is offered in a variety of sizes to accommodate various needs with canisters available for large private homes as well as in larger public facilities. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Disinfecting Foggers.
The Patent Pending Disinfecting Foggers were invented by Noel Balbuena of Chicago, IL who said, “The Disinfecting Foggers provide users with a simple and expeditious means of eradicating germs and bacteria within their home. It effectively kills harmful germs and bacteria, including in those hard-to-reach areas often overlooked when using wipes, sanitizers and aerosol spray cans. It works.”

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