"Dreshon Sound II" A Creative Solution To Problems Associated With Multi-Directional Loudspeakers

The "Dreshon Sound II" enhances performance of single speaker with surround sound characteristics.

The ability of a speaker is only so precise as the makeup of it. In this case the Dreshon Sound II is a creative solution to problems associated with multi-directional loudspeakers. The design intent of this product is to provide a completely unique speaker design that provides enhanced performance and surround sound characteristics from a single speaker unit via its ability to project sound in multiple (five) directions.

The five-sided speaker system has a pentagonal shaped top and bottom while narrowing somewhat at the top. Each side is a trapezoidal shape and slopes at an angle directing the sound upward off the floor or pedestal that it rests upon. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Dreshon Sound II.

The Patent Pending Dreshon Sound II was invented by Dreshon Crute of East Orange, NJ who said, “The need to have superb sound is present in everyone and the Dreshon Sound II will help obtain it in your home. The fact that it is a single speaker system means it is easy to move from place to place including commercial settings for special events. Best of all, dead zones are eliminated too. My prototype works perfectly.”

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