"Drown Proof Swimming Pools": A Safety Net System Activated by Electronic Sensors

Invents unveils "Drown Proof Swimming Pools" which provides a motorized safety net to keep a child from being accidentally submerged in deep water.

​Almost—if not—every youngster, enjoys being in a swimming pool. However, there is always the fear of drowning when small children are around and that is what brought about this new product called the Drown Proof Swimming Pools. This new system is a safety net system activated by electronic sensors that are specially designed for use with swimming pools. It is ideal for pools where small children may have or find access. The design intent is to prevent accidental drowning by providing a means of automatically covering the surface of the water should he or she fall into the pool. It will keep the child from sinking and the probability of a tragic drowning. When the system is not activated the net rests at the bottom of the pool.

The Drown Proof Swimming Pool is designed to automatically cover the surface of the pool once the sensors detect the presence of a child. The netting is sized to cover the entire pool and the sides are integrally connected to a series of take-up guides, operated by pulleys and low voltage motors. Should a sensor be triggered, the pulleys rotate and quickly oft the safety net until it is above the surface allowing a youngster to cry for help when safely up and out of the water. The number of lives this product could save in any neighborhood is beyond belief. The Safety Net System is designed to keep small children from sinking and this could also be true of a small non-swimining adult as well.Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Drown Proof Swimming Pools.

The Patent Pending Drown Proof Swimming Pools was invented by James Terry of Menifee, CA who said, “Many people look for a high fence surrounding a pool in their yard. Granted, a fence is important, but what about the youngsters that come to visit and are spending time in a yard where a pool is an attractive novelty? The Drown Proof Swimming Pools will save those little lives because it keeps a child from being submerged and subsequently drowning. It works.”

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