"Drunkies": Healthy Consumption Without Fear of Overdoing Alcoholic Beverages

​he buzz is now easy to find. Becoming inebriated is not always the choice of those  enjoying a cold frothy glass of beer. But, at the same time it can easily happen. The Drunkies are a line of beer container inserts specially designed to filter oxygen away from the alcohol during consumption. Working much like a straw, Drunkies are adaptable to either bottled or canned beer and carbonated beverages. The design intent is to provide beer drinkers with an accessory that enhances the effects of the alcohol by providing a stronger, faster buzz—which could reduce overall alcohol consumption and expense.

Drunkies keep oxygen from interfering with beverage consumption. The configuration of the Drunkies transforms one regular 12-ounce bottle or can of beer into the equivalent of three. Drunkies could conceivably revolutionize beer consumption in America and the world. Adaptable to either bottled or canned beers, Drunkies readily accommodates anyone's container of choice, snugly fitting over or into the openings with little effort. Without impeding one's enjoyment of this delicious beverage, the Drunkies effectively eliminates the compromising oxygen germane to unrestricted consumption, concentrating the liquid through a narrow channel that facilitates a faster transfer of the alcohol to the blood stream. As such, one feels a pleasant buzz from just  one beer as opposed to having to purchase and drink three. With the Drunkies users can save money and reduce the amount of beer needed to reach their desired intoxication level. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Drunkies.

The Patent Pending Drunkies were invented by Samuel Licon of Lynwood, CA who said, “Drunkies is the answer to revolutionizing beer consumption. Drunkies reduces the risk of drinking-related beverages and this is beneficial to one’s health and wellbeing. It works.”

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