"Dryer Glove 365º": Captures Objects Eliminating Noise and Risk of Damage to Clothes Dryer

Laundry is a duty faced by everyone and no one appreciates when a pocket contains items that should not have gone into the washer and subsequently the dryer. Tumbling articles that are metal create problems and noise. When using this unusual glove that problem is solved. The Dryer Glove 365° is a powerful magnetized glove system specially designed for use in a clothes dryer. Durably constructed to last 365 days or more, the design intent is to provide a simple and effective means of capturing metallic objects big and small, that may be inadvertently placed in a clothes dryer, thus eliminating the annoying clanking sound that occurs when these objects are tossed around, as well as prevent damage to these expensive appliances. Various shapes might also be produced for residential, institutional, and commercial use.

The Dryer Glove 365° is fashioned of a stretchable rubber featuring strong magnetic pieces on both sides of each finger and a strong magnetic piece on the palm of each side of the glove. A standard size is 10” in length, 7” in width and 3”-6” in depth but is offered in various sizes and shapes to accommodate both household and industrial dryers. Gloves placed inside a dryer adhere snugly on the metal surface of the dryer’s inner drum and as garments are tumbling dry metal objects such as coins, paper clips, keys, or nails are magnetically attracted to the Dryer Glove 365° while heavier objects like lighters or small tools adhere to the highly powerful palm magnet. When clothing has finished drying, the objects can be plucked away from the magnets.  Each Dryer Glove 365° will last up to 365 days. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Dryer Glover 365º.
The Dryer Glove 365ºis Patent Pending and was invented by Ryan Norwood of Lemont, IL who said, “This reduces the annoying noise in the clothes dryer when keys or other items have been overlooked by the washer-woman or washer-man doing laundry duty. It also keeps metal items from getting into the mechanics of the dryer drum which means fewer service calls.  It works perfectly.”

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