"Dual Directional Stroller": A Specially Designed Infant Stroller Boasting Convertible Components

The "Dual Directional Stroller" is easy to handle and portrays either the front or back side of the stroller as needed.

​In today’s world the word convertible no longer only means a sleek vehicle with the top down and open to the elements. Today there is the Dual Directional Stroller. It is a specially designed infant stroller boasting convertible components that enable the user to transform the stroller from forward to rear facing. The design intent of the Dual Directional Stroller is to provide caregivers with a practical means of directing the child’s position within the stroller in order to avoid exposure to harsh sunlight or other elements, this facilitating optimal comfort and safety for the child.

This unusual stroller is a specially designed infant stroller that features four pairs of locking swivel wheels so that when the child is facing the rear, the front wheels will swivel and the rear wheels are fixed into a straight position (and vice versa). Besides this, a fully adjustable padded seat, with integrated safety harnesses incorporated in the design, safely restrain the child during travel.  Another feature is found in the handles which extend at an angle from the stroller legs and are adjustable, allowing the user to angle the handles to the forward or rear-facing position. The Dual Directional Stroller also includes a retractable canopy and removable snack tray.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Dual Directional Stroller.

The Patent Pending Dual Directional Stroller was invented by Njambi Kuria of Washington, DC who said, “Almost everyone lives in an area where it is great exercise to walk and push a stroller, but sometimes it would help the user to be able to turn the stroller from front to back in order to protect the baby from the sunlight. The Dual Directional Stroller is controlled by a pivot and allows the user to bend the wheels and lock them in place. It works perfectly.”

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