"Easy Transfer": Transfer a Post Surgical Patient With Ease

​The transfer of a patient after surgery is a very delicate procedure. The Easy Transfer will make it simpler with the hand cranked mechanism used to transfer them from the operating table to a recovery table or gurney. The Easy Transfer will be incorporated into a gurney or wheeled hospital bed, thus taking the strain off of the hospital personnel moving them. There will be a hand cranked roller mechanism on one side of the hospital bed or gurney. The other side will fasten to the near side of the operating room table. The hand crank is used to smoothly and gently pull the patient across the table onto the hospital bed. Once the patient has been transferred onto the recovery bed, the material from the roller will be sterilized, packaged, and ready for the next use. 

The Easy Transfer could be incorporated into hospital beds and gurneys as an add on aftermarket accessory. The cost would be a fraction of the cost of a new bed or gurney. Prior to using the Easy Transfer, medical staff will simply remove the sheet from its sterile package, and using the hand crank, wind it onto the roller. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Transfer.

The Patent Pending Easy Transfer was invented by Rudy Llanes of Brazoria, TX who said, “The Easy Transfer will ease back strain that health care personnel are subjected to when transferring patients. It will also make it more comfortable for the surgical patent, allowing a smooth, gentle process.”

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