"Easy Umbrella": A Specially Designed Beach Umbrella

Invents introduces the "Easy Umbrella which allows shade without effort at the beach or wherever one "pitches" a place.

​Trying to find a way to support a covering when at the beach, a park or elsewhere can be a vaulting problem.  This is not so when using the new Easy Umbrella, which is a specially designed beach umbrella featuring an integrated, drill-tip point at the distal end of the support stand. The design intent of the Easy Umbrella is to provide beach-goers and other outdoor enthusiasts with a simpler, more effective means of securing an umbrella into hard-packed dirt and sand.

The Easy Umbrella is a beach umbrella with a drill on the tip to mount it easily on the sand and with foldable Handle to help stabilize it. It is durable yet light and the heavy duty materials used for the umbrella and drip tip design are materials that provide an augmented support that is able to drill easily and deeply into the sand or dirt with virtually no effort on the part of the user. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Easy Umbrella.
The Patent Pending Easy Umbrella was invented by Wemerson Armini Pereira and his wife, Rona Venturine of Newark, NJ who said, “We have eliminated the frustrating and makeshift attempts made for umbrella security. The Easy Umbrella provides hours of comfortable shade. It is easy-to-use and easy-to-remove. It works.”

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