"Electronic Shopping Cart": A Rechargeable Motorized Personal Shopping and Utility Cart

The "Electronic Shopping Cart" is a self-propelled cart, which is easy on the body and moves items safely from store to home.

​Shopping can be tiresome and anything that can ease the pressure is always an important item. The Electronic Shopping Cart is a rechargeable motorized personal shopping and utility cart designed for the elderly or infirm consumer who finds it difficult to pull or push a manual utility car, particularly on inclines where it can propel itself on demand. The Electronic Shopping Cart is designed in every aspect for the ultimate in conveniences.  The front of the unit features an easy-access swing open door and makes the loading and unloading of the contents far easier.

The Electronic Shopping Cart is fabricated in a tough and sturdy coated metal wire material and has four caster-type solid rubber wheels. The two rear wheels are larger and the front ones are smaller but are full rotation ball caster wheels. These ball wheels prevent the cart from getting stuck on or in pavement cracks.  Other features include easily accessed square cargo bin, a large-range height adjustable handlebar for pushing, pulling and steering. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Electronic Shopping Cart.
The Patent Pending Electronic Shopping Cart was invented by Michael Suarez of Brooklyn, NY who said “The unit has an angled lid and it closes automatically via gravity and protects item in inclement weather. It is unique in that it opens from right to left and is designed to enable the user to load and unload the cart without ever having to lift or lower items over the side. Even super tall items such as a carpet roll is easy to remove. It works perfectly.”

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